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(Permalink) Posted: June 14 2012,03:28   

Quote (Dr. Jammer @ June 14 2012,03:21)
Quote (Tom A @ Feb. 11 2012,00:12)
You all know that he doesn't have the stones to show up right?

He's so  brave among his fellow bullies on UD, but he runs when confronted outside his turf.

I'm not even sure what you mean. Why wouldn't I have "have the stones" to show up here? You people aren't deluded enough to believe that anyone actually fears anything you say, are you?

Most of you, if not all of you, have been given ample opportunity to present formidable challenges to the people of Uncommon Descent. Each and every one of you failed miserably.

That's a bit better trolling, but still too raw and over-eager. More foreplay required.

Well that's settled it, as official UD spokesperson you've put us in our place. The fact you can posts here freely if you choose (or TSZ for that matter) whilst UD simply removes comments and commentators they don't like (often without giving reason, or even admitting its happened) shows that they're the bastion of free inquiry and we're just not smart enough to cut it there.

Can you calculate CSI, DR. Jammer? No? Then fuck off.

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