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Arden Chatfield

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Quote (Kristine @ Dec. 01 2011,07:26)
Quote (dnmlthr @ Dec. 01 2011,01:15)
This is a really interesting question.

I'm speaking from a position of absolute ignorance here but are there linguistic markers that you can use to distinguish oral communication from written communication, even if the oral communication has been transcribed?

Where's our linguist? Hey! Arden!

Just off the top of my head, I think I'd want to view this as a quasi-anthropological thing and not a linguistic thing; i.e., I would evaluate this question in terms of what the 'oral culture' on IDC is, and how it's passed from person to person, and how much it varies from its original published sources.

There probably already have been studies on things like this, i.e., 'folk interpretations' of the Bible. It's well known that most fundies barely ever read the Bible and have an appalling understand of its content, but essentially get it 2nd or 3rd hand via Sunday school, sermons, or Xtian websites.

But in terms of what Kristine says about IDC being an 'oral tradition', I think I know what she's getting at. Several years ago I realized that ID and Creationism, at least as propagated by the vast majority of its believers, is what I would call 'folk science'. As such it's disseminated in a manner that's identical to fundie Protestant belief for most Americans. In other words, your average internet buffoon arguing for IDC is probably no better read in the primary IDC sources than your average fundie citing his favorite passages of Leviticus to rationalize why he hates gays. And they're usually one and the same person.

But it's inevitable that this would be the case: considering that arguing for IDC is basically attempting to argue science, and given that most Americans don't know shit about science, it's not surprising that when fundies argue for IDC, you basically get this sort of bizarre folk interpretation of the IDC literature.

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