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Schroedinger's Dog

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(Permalink) Posted: Nov. 29 2011,10:49   

Quote (Roland Anderson @ Nov. 29 2011,17:45)
Quote (Schroedinger's Dog @ Nov. 29 2011,10:34)
Quote (Roland Anderson @ Nov. 29 2011,17:23)
Quote (Schroedinger's Dog @ Nov. 29 2011,05:28)
Quote (Roland Anderson @ Nov. 29 2011,11:21)
Reading comprehension much? I never said you asserted anything.

You told me to do my research, as if I had asserted something. You made the assertions, you do the research to back them up. So far you haven't produced anything which fits the bill.

I wondered if you're interested in pursuing the question of what it is you don't like about the fundamentalist feminists you see on Pharyngula? I would be :-)

What I don't like about them? Do you really want to go back to my post and read those quotes from Marcotte and Skeptifem? If you don't see anything wrong with that, you have a serious problem.

Non-answer noted.

Ok Roland, let's play: For me, someone endorsing that most men are rapist-wannabes or that any male accused of rape is guilty until proven innocent is just, well, WRONG!

Pet peeve, maybe, but still my opinion.

Now, let's play silly fucker and look at that quote from Tis'Himself again, since you've given the best non-answer possible: not answering:

Would one of you guys pretending the cartoon isnít sexist please show how it supports women? Come on, youíre all so sure itís not sexist, so give us some evidence itís pro-women. Or are you all too intellectually dishonest to deny your male privilege?

See any problem there, "Roland"?

This is a derail. I asked you what *you* don't like about it, not what I do or don't like about it. You are consistently trying to dodge the question.

I am not saying everything on Pharyngula is wonderful, or that everyone there is right or wrong or anything. I am asking you to 1) back up your statement that fundamentalist feminists post there, and 2) whether or not there is any fundamentalist feminism going on there or anywhere, what it is you don't like about the posts you quote.

Also, please produce a quotation from someone on Pharyngula asserting that most men are rapist-wannabes or that any male accused of rape is guilty until proven innocent. Note that you will also need to show that these quotations, once you produce them, were generally approved of by the regular commentariat in order to ascribe these opinions to "Pharyngula" as a whole.

Ok, now you're just trolling, right?

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