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Quote (Badger3k @ Nov. 27 2011,14:00)

Then you have this bit of childishness:
Iím also not going to tailor my opinions to pander to Andy Drennanís delusions. Itís only going to work in reverse: Iím now feeling regret that I didnít dump on religious foolishness at all in my Skepticon talk, and I kind of resent that if I speak there again next year, Iíll feel compelled to toss in a few mocking references to the inanity of Christianity just in case Andy shows up, even if they arenít relevant to the subject at hand.

Seriously? †A lot of this crap started with one lush acting unprofessionally, and now you have someone who should know better saying he'll deliberately insert shit where it doesn't belong. †No class, no professionalism.

FAIL in reading comprehension. PZ said he'd feel the urge to insert shit where it doesn't belong, not that he actually would insert shit where it doesn't belong. And his use of the word "resent" suggests that whatever PZ may think of that urge, it's not one he approves of nor is likely to act upon. But y' know, if you just want to dump on PZ for the heinous sins of not accepting an apology and publicly stating that he, PZ Myers, does not intend to patronize one particular business, do carry on.

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