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I understand where u are coming from kristine. I am sorry to run with this but i feel pretty strongly that when people choose a leader to follow uncritically, that leader has either the responsibility to respond with a statement of clarification or else that leader needs to be marginalized. At this point, pz is well into the landscape of preaching a party line which needs to be marginalized in my opinion.

Ridicule which justifies hate speech has no place in my world. The man you know is not my target. However, his behavior is. To publish an article which justifies absolutist thinking, which places ideology above compassion, is an act which should not go unchallenged.

And it should certainly not be legitimized. I would hope that if i were to go so far off the rails that people would challenge me and i also hope i would be able to find the humility to correct the mistake. If i could not find it in myself to correct my mistake, i would hope people would recognize that my legitimacy as a spokesman for a group was destroyed and would be able to marginalize me in that capacity.

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