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Okay, so I'm an atheist, but not really defined by my atheism. And I'm an Agnostic Atheist, so there is a chance for me converting one day.

For me, there is no atheism leadership, hierarchy, mandates (Yes Carslon, Man-Dates), etc. If someone who also purports to be atheist says something, I can agree with all, some or none of what they say, issue by issue. I don't think there is any leadership, structure, or schisms to be had. I'm only really interested in ideas in isolation. Of course if you have had good ideas (in my opinion), I'll read you more and be more receptive. The opposite for bad ideas.

With regard to Theists, I have no issue with the following caveats:

1) allow your young to choose their own path
2) Treat people the same, give everyone exactly the same rights (god and presumably punish them afterwards)
3) Don't expect me to respect your faith if you assert it.
4) If fine with you talking about your faith in the public square providing you're fine with criticism. Dialogue must be symmetrical, with no sacred cows.
5) Keep religion out of government. You have no right to impose your religion.

So PZ - he can be a bit extreme, some of it is I suspect for effect. Given the religious atrocities that exist in the world today, I'd personally focus on the worst, not the mundane. But I'm not a web celebrity.

This label 'atheism', don't get hung up on it as a social movement, learned friends.

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