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(Permalink) Posted: Nov. 24 2011,09:26   

Quote (Louis @ Nov. 24 2011,07:28)
So just like those uppity women you don't like expressing feminism that questions your privilege and upsetting the applecart, you equate people using an (admittedly trivial) example of theistic privilege to illustrate a (vastly more serious) point of principle to a child throwing a tantrum?

See here is the thing.  What could have possibly led you to equate my point of disgust with a particular person into a entire political position? Do you have any actual, you know, evidence that I am a mysogynistic trogolodyte or are you just assuming that, because I dislike one aspect of PZs schtick that I somehow reject all of his opinions?  I either agree with him 100% or I am a rape apologist, amiright?

Hmmm. Tell me Carlson, is there any discriminatory status quo you don't support, or confrontation of it you wont run away from? I wonder what your views on those vocal gays and terrible blacks who dare to act like proper people are.

Ahh, so now I am also a homophobe and a racist?  You claim to be a scientist, do you have any actual, you know, evidence of this?  Or are you just building further assumptions on top of what you assume is my manifest misogyny?

I am either completely with you or completely agin you. You want to see the fundamentalism being referred to? Look in the fucking mirror. In fact, let me hold a mirror up for you.


Too harsh? I'm beginning to think not. You are consistently on the side of shutting people with legitimate complaints up, simply because you don't like how those complaints are expressed or over what specific incidents.

Oh, I wouldn't dream of shutting PZ, or you, up.  Here is a microphone, knock yourself out. Just don't expect me to do anything other than point and laugh at your tiny little balled up fists of rage.

I rather think it's you and your shallow chums who need the Waaaaahmbulance called. After all, do you have ANY argument, any at all, that doesn't simply dissolve to either a complaint that people at Pharyngula are mean or you don't like their style?

My issue is simple. This:

is not not in the same ballpark as this:

...[it] ain't the same fucking ball park. It ain't the same league. It ain't even the same fucking sport.

Oh wait, let me guess, *I'm* the bad guy for asking for substance from you and not faltering in the face of confrontation.

Oh, heavens no.  You aren't a bad guy, you are a hero of the fucking cause.  You have given a handful of discussion board participants a sound thrashing. Now run along and get your martyr merit badge. You have certainly earned it. I am quite sure the rest of the College of Cardinals Order of Molly will forgive your earlier heresy about letting a thousand flowers bloom.

You may think you are smart and perceptive, Louis. And I am sure within your real life sphere of activity, you are.*  But, I am here to tell you that you overestimate yourself. You aren't smart enough to have figured out how to monetize your anger.  Nor perceptive enough to see that PZ has.

When Gelato Guy prostrated himself publicly to apologize (and no doubt earning the righteous** anger of many of his Christian brethren), PZ was presented with a teachable moment.  Instead of addressing the person that actually reached out to him, he turned and played to the crowd.

I mean if all y'all want to tap into your collective id, have at it?  I am sure it is cathartic. But don't expect anyone but the True Believers ™ to enjoy the shower.

*  You are probably also handsome and kind enough to buy the sheep dinner first.
**For sufficiently small values of right.

It's natural to be curious about our world, but the scientific method is just one theory about how to best understand it.  We live in a democracy, which means we should treat every theory equally. - Steven Colbert, I Am America (and So Can You!)

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