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Quote (Cubist @ Nov. 24 2011,10:50)
What's the point of your Post Atheist movement, BWE? I might be persuaded to sign on, depending on what it is and what it's intended to do. At present, all I can make out is that it's just a "no Pharynguloids allowed" club, and if I'm right about that, please count me out. But if I'm wrong about your Post Atheism movement, could'ja please clue me in on what its actual goals & etc are?

I wouldn't worry about it. Pharyngula comments are deliberately harsh and frequently overblown, and PZ's style isn't for everyone. It's not always for me but I seem to lack the butthurt for some reason. There seems to be a great deal of butthurt across the webs and thus {jazz hands} DRAHMAH!!!!!!

I can't say it bothers or affects me much to be honest. Like any blog or paper or thing I read, what goes on at Pharyngula is read, understanding is attempted, where understanding is gained I argue/agree as appropriate, where understanding is not gained I question, and where agreement or dialogue is impossible I discard.

Of course if any specific individual is going to make a spectacular arse of themselves by acting as if they are impenetrable to reason, then I'll take the chronic piss out of them, or ignore them as is appropriate.

Some people just don't like PZ's profile, some don't like having their sexism exposed, some don't like their woolly thinking exposed, some don't like the rag tag bunch of virulent commenters there, some {gasp} ACTUALLY GENUINELY DISAGREE FOR VALID REASONS!!! I know, it's amazing right?

I'm happy to exist in the latter category on many issues, and I've previously been in every one of the former categories I mentioned. I just can't be bothered with the butthurt and {jazzhands} DRAHMAH!!!!!! What interests me is the argument, the reason, the evidence, the underpinnings of it all. And there seems precious little of it about, more noise than signal on this issue as usual.

Disappointing really.



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