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Quote (OgreMkV @ Nov. 23 2011,17:17)
Fanaticism is bad... even when you agree with them.

I (and I think everyone here) has commented on this before.

Heck, I sent PZ a personal note about the fanaticism of his followers and the little cult he's developing.  In the end, it will be as bad as fundie religions.

I have been basically turned off by pharyngula for a couple of years. An occasional story is good enough to read but the comments have been positively disturbing for a long time.

This time I felt that the corner has been thoroughly turned. This is now fundamentalist atheism and it would be nice to have a label which allows that the world has changed and another ism has slipped into the annals of past-tense.

Post-atheism. A label which acknowledges the theist-atheist fight is no longer relevant. Now there is only information.

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