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Quote (midwifetoad @ Dec. 27 2011,15:37)

Concerning pure chance.

I found that most IDiots tend to use the word chance in the wrong way. As in mutations can't come by chance or life cannot arrise by chance.

So I have explained that chance is not an interruption of cause-effect as in something unexpected arrises that has no cause.

Rather chance is used to express that we don't know what mutations will arise.

To this end I wanted to add an analogy so that it is easier to comprehend. So I thought of using the roulette game. But actually this is not really a good analogy cause you could calculate the exact number that would come out by doing calculations on the weights and forces involved. Sure it would be impossible to do at the casino, but it would be certainly possible to do it elsewhere.

Do any of you have a good analogy? where the cause-effects are well understood, but the final event is not in any way predictable.


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