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Quote (Wesley R. Elsberry @ Dec. 18 2011,04:21)
There's a variety of online essays going into why Douglas Axe's numbers are cooked, if that's what you want. But the pretense that balderdash is only rebutted if the rebuttals appear in the technical literature is a non-starter.

I'm not sure why one would expect an illegitimate operation to get respectful treatment in the technical literature.

I don't but I would expect someone to at least denounce the fact that it's a illegitimate operation. As long as it's me or you that say so it's just our word against theirs.  If it's an association of scientists or a respected journal that would be different.

Actually I don't expect the balderdash to be rebutted, except on terms of exercise for students and to expose where the errors lie. But I do expect it to be denounced as such by relevant organizations. A lot of times I get the argument see, no-body says there is something wrong with these "legitimate studies" so the logical conclusions are (1) they are legitimate and (2) they are so good that no one can disprove them.


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