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Quote (Dr.GH @ Dec. 15 2011,05:19)
This will bore many here, but Erick Rothschild's brilliant cross examination of Behe in Dover was my favorite part. Barbara Forest was totally awesome. But Behe, and Steve Fuller did as much, if not more, damage to the creationist position under cross examination than Forest did under direct.

My bias of course is Day 12, PM. But, I had also argued that our goal with Steve Fuller should be to keep him talking about "science" and "ID" and "Creationism," and to not mention Paul Gross, or the Sokal hoax.

Ha! Bias indeed.

I like the bit where the DI is trying to shove a satchel under the court doors without the ID lawyers knowing about it.

.... and Jones says "....some rogue cavalry come riding in here at the last instant"


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