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Wesley R. Elsberry

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Even Dembski didn't get in on the action he was summarily dismissed by the much vaunted ....I  can't remeber now ....defense team during discovery by Babs Forrest.

There are multiple, mutually inconsistent accounts of how Dembski came to be withdrawn as a witness for the Thomas More Law Center. Dembski claimed to be protecting the interests of the Foundation for Thought and Ethics by withdrawing, an interesting take since Dembski was the guy who precipitated pretty much all the risk their materials had. The TMLC claimed in a pleading that it was all those nasty Darwinists' fault trying to screw up their line-up of expert witnesses. And Bruce Chapman of the Discovery Institute later claimed in an interview that seeing the way the wind was blowing, he asked all the DI-associated expert witnesses to withdraw, and three out of five of them did.

Dembski attended Barbara Forrest's deposition. Forrest's supplemental expert report, submitted after Dembski's withdrawal from the case, analyzed the history of "Of Pandas and People" based on a series of drafts provided under subpoena from the Foundation for Thought and Ethics. But I'm not seeing a principal role for Forrest in Dembski's withdrawal.

Dembski withdrew three days before his deposition was to take place in Waco, TX. A number of communications concerning the deposition preceded that withdrawal. One was to be prepared to carry over to a second day of deposition-taking given the number of questions his involvement in the case raised. Demsbki was requested to bring his documentation of the review process for his book, "The Design Inference", along to the deposition. Another was that we planned to have a videographer on hand to document it. And the last communication to Dembski and TMLC prior to his withdrawal was that Prof. Jeff Shallit and I would be present to assist Pepper Hamilton lawyer Steven Harvey with his questioning.

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