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Of course it's impossible for the human genome to 'hide' all 673 HLA-A alleles.

The human genome project would have found them.  

See, that's just it. The research has been done.  Those alleles are not there.  Every human has two.  Either one (homozygous) or two (heterozygous) of the 673 HLA-A alleles.  That's it.

If those alleles are 'hidden', then the only way to hide them would be to MUTATE them into something that ISN'T an allele and then hope that they mutate back epigentically or something.

It's pure hogwash.  Again, the research has been done... they are simply wrong.

edit to add: BTW, the entire human genome is available on-line... those guys can get to work looking for those extra alleles... maybe it will keep them out of our hair for a while.  Who am I kidding?  Actually do science... hah!

Ignored by those who can't provide evidence for their claims.

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