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Quote (oldmanintheskydidntdoit @ Dec. 11 2011,11:44)
Quote (Southstar @ Dec. 11 2011,06:35)
So actually what does science have to offer, a just so idea, which they agree is wrong.

It offers the computers that they are typing on which would not exist if our understanding of physics was so badly wrong that in fact the earth could be 6000 years old.

For their ideas to be true we have to sit in a cave to discuss them seriously.

No doubt some of the people you are arguing with have flown.

They have plenty of trust in science and it's conclusions then.

EDIT: It's easy to be wrong. Anybody can do that.

What is that saying about science... 90% of everything done is wrong.

The difference is that science can stand up and admit to being wrong and admits it is not infallible.  That's a major problem for the religious who assume that their religion is infallible and can't stomach the idea of something being wrong.

Unfortunately, these kinds of people never grow, never change, never realize that it's OK to be wrong sometimes.  We're people we aren't perfect.  

Science is wrong sometimes.  The ability to realize when science has the potential of being wrong about something (cold fusion) and when there is no possible doubt in any thinking person's mind (evolution) is a hallmark of critical thinking.

It's not skepticism to say that evolution doesn't work.  It's stupidity.  There is literally mountains of evidence supporting evolution (and radiometric dating).  If they want to show evolution is wrong, then they have to disprove every single paper in existence regarding evolution.  They'll need to get started on that.

Does science know everything?  Of course not.  Only an idiot would make that claim.  That doesn't mean that we don't actually know what we do know.

Ignored by those who can't provide evidence for their claims.

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