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Quote (oldmanintheskydidntdoit @ Dec. 11 2011,05:42)
Quote (Southstar @ Dec. 11 2011,03:49)
Don't forget they are not proposing ID (for the moment) they are just saying that the theory of evolution is plainly wrong.

Even if it's wrong if they've nothing to replace it with then it makes sense to stick with a "wrong" idea until a better idea comes along. Do they have that better idea?

I'm sure that there is plenty that is wrong about our best understanding of evolution but I think once you get to that point it's gone beyond the point where you, I or those people you are talking to could sensibly participate in the conversation.

Some here for sure. But once you get down to the details it's hard work, just pick up any textbook.

And that's for students, not people on the cutting edge (where it could be "wrong") of research.

If, as they say, the theory of evolution is wrong then ask them (as presumably they've read it) what page the first factual error in "The Greatest Show on Earth" is? As that does a great job of detailing the evidence for the theory of evolution they can use that as a indicator of what's wrong specifically.

Nobody at UD ever pointed out the first factual error.

So to me science is about sticking with a wrong idea until a less wrong idea comes along. To the people you are talking to replacing a wrong idea with a better idea is not part of their mindset - their book of knowledge has been set in stone for the best part of 2000 years and they don't want it to change. They are not interested in finding out the truth, they already *know* the truth, praise the lord.

Hmm no you can't answer like that at all, cause they will pull you to pieces by simply stating: there you see even they don't agree with their idea, they know it's wrong, they have faith in a wrong idea. So actually what does science have to offer, a just so idea, which they agree is wrong.

It takes just as much faith to sustain such ideas as it does to sustain ID or creationism. Which they will say is sustained by a scientifically wrong idea until such time as a new and better idea comes along.

This kind of argument just get turned around against you.

Regarding the "the greatest show on earth" I haven't read it yet, but I ask can the claims posted in my previous post be used against this book?


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