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Quote (Southstar @ Nov. 30 2011,13:38)
Quote (qetzal @ Nov. 28 2011,19:58)


Thank's for this it was really useful!

Just a consideration, is it possible that oraganisms left to themselves, without the pressures of natural competative selection would automatically tend toward loss of function.

After all they would just be responding to the new situation which requires less complex machinery.

I don't think there is, or even can be, an environment "without the pressures of natural competative selection".
Let's suppose an species is 'perfectly' adapted to its environment (for whatever value of 'perfectly'), and let's further suppose that its environment is stable over geologically relevant periods of time. Even in such a situation, there's going to be a finite quantity of resources available at any one time, and members of the species will be competing against each other for those resources. Voila -- natural selection! As well, mutations will occur, and some of those mutations will render their possessors more or less able to produce offspring, as compared to their fellow critters who lack the reproduction-affecting mutations. Again, natural selection.
In short: You can't get rid of competition, because if nothing else, critters compete against each other.

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