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Quote (OgreMkV @ Nov. 27 2011,21:53)

Okay thank's for the imput everyone, but I ask you to be patient with me

I would really need my particular questions aswered. For the following reasons:

1) Some of the questions were placed by other readers of the forum and I'd like to answer them as they are pertinent questions.
2) Some of the questions are my personal questions that help me with the better understanding.
3) Some of the questions were placed directly at me by Ioseb

Yes of course I will finish with the conclusions that you have brought up and that should take care of the paper, but it's important to tie up the loose ends and give a more complete understanding.


"Cows who know a moose when they see one will do infinitely better than a cow that pairs with a moose because they cannot see the difference either." Gary Gaulin

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