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Quote (Southstar @ Nov. 27 2011,10:18)
[Ioseb] is arguing that, the paper proves beyond doubt that there are hardly any gain of FCT mutations. So evolution can't occur. So it's all wrong.

Simply showing that gain-of-FCT mutations are uncommon proves nothing of the sort. For Ioseb to make his case, he'd need to show that gain-of-FCT mutations occur too infrequently to support the rate at which new phenotypes have appeared over the past few billion years. Behe doesn't do that in his paper, and I'm confident Ioseb can't do it either.

In any case, focusing on gain-of-FCTs is a red herring. If modification of an existing function leads to a new function, it's still a new function. Especially if the modification involves gene duplication so that the original function is maintained as well. So Ioseb's (and Behe's) challenge is actually much greater: show that the combined rate of M+G mutations isn't enough to support evolution of existing diversity.

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