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Quote (Southstar @ Nov. 21 2011,16:02)
Well if you know all the ingredients and you know all the conditions why not recreate it in a lab. make a life form without using existing dna or pieces from living things.

Whatever little we know has to be compared against what they are claiming to know.

For example. This website:
is full of information, actual work people have done.

Ask the people who are claiming to have the answers if they have anything comparable to that single site? If not, it's not on the basis of evidence that they hold their position as some evidence is better then no evidence at all. And no support is exactly what they've got, apart from their claimed insufficiency of their straw-man of evolution.

Stop engaging with their attempts to pick holes and ask them to provide their explanation that, by definition, must have better explanatory power otherwise why are they not just accepting your viewpoint? :)

But there will probably be no "this is how life started" moment, so if they want that they can have it. But to win they need to prove it could not have happened, and that's not possible. All that's needed is a plausible pathway.

And what do they care anyway, they already know what happened! Make them say it!

I also mentioned that He'd have to give me a thorough explanation as to *why* I must "eat human babies".

if there are even critical flaws in Gaugerís work, the evo mat narrative cannot stand
Gordon Mullings

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