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Quote (Southstar @ Nov. 11 2011,06:27)
[quote=Henry J,Nov. 10 2011,23:27][/quote]
Yesterday I had to go for work to Verona, which is about a 2,5 hours trip and this gave me some time to ponder some more questions which will probably come up and to which I have found no clear answer.

If evolution is continuos and you can't stop it, why are there simple organisms around? Are we to assume that bacteria "devolved" or that it continues to reform? Obviously to put forward the question I assumed that complexity indicates evolution and maybe the problem lies there. But I can't quite figure it out.


Here you are assuming that there is some 'goal' for evolution.

Why should a species or population change if it is already satisfied?  i.e. for its environment, it is fit, it has sufficient diversity to resist major changes in the environment, etc.

Basically, what you are asking here is "Why are my grandparents still alive?"  Which on the face of it, is pretty silly.

On the other hand, you are exactly correct.  Evolution always happens to living things.  The Coelocanths that were discovered off the coast of South Africa, while 'living fossils' are as distinct from fossil coelocanths as modern humans are distinct from Homo habilis.

So, on one hand, speciation doesn't need to occur.  On the other evolution always does.   Two subtly different questions.

You might take a look at the different types of speciation.  Once you see what PART of a population is speciating, then you will see why the question is meaningless.

BTW: One other tact for your creationist buddies to deal with about information is to take cubist's stuff and then add one more question to it.  Provide them with a strand of DNA that codes for a protein and one that is totally random of the same length (Excel is good for creating this).  Then require that the use creationist (ID) principles to determine which is which.  If they can't do that (and, even in theory, they can't, I'm pretty sure it is mathematically impossible), then how can they tell designed from evolved?

Note that when I say mathematically impossible, the only tool that IDists have ever said they needed was math.  There are some clues in the sequence itself, but they are very subtle and require pretty good knowledge of DNA... which is using science, not creationism.

Ignored by those who can't provide evidence for their claims.

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