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Reciprocating Bill

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Quote (Woodbine @ Nov. 10 2011,15:10)
Quote (Reciprocating Bill @ Nov. 10 2011,19:20)
Aliens did contain, it its set design, a continuity error (from film to film) that I still find hard to swallow. Specifically, upon locating and entering their hive, the marines witness bizarre secreted structures that resemble black ribs and bones, a motif in the first film as well. However, in the first film that bizarre motif characterized the construction of the space jockey's craft, not anything the alien had produced. That always went "clunk" for me.

Like you said the obvious reason for the similarity is the influence of Geiger, but I've heard a somewhat retrospective rationale for this.

If you recall in Alien 3, the alien that gestates in the dog emerges looking and behaving very doggy.

Therefore when the alien (or aliens) that used the space jockey (and friends?) as hosts they took on aspects of their characteristics. And so when the aliens secreted their nest it exhibited elements of the space jockey's ship; the ship's design being a reflection of the jockey's nature/culture.

Ta dah!

Are you forastero??

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