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Quote (Robin @ Nov. 10 2011,08:21)
I agree. I see this as basically that same argument for the assumption of "purpose" that creationists use try support their conviction of intent. It's just a redo of the argument that the purpose of the hand is to grasp and hold things since that's what it's clearly good at. The fact that some folks can use their hands to walk, swim, punch, count, smother, etc doesn't register. Similarly they claim that the purpose of wings is obviously flight, ignoring of course that there are a variety of winged organisms that don't use those features for flight. In any event, it seems to mean that the assumption of meaning in the information argument is no different.

Is still remember the quote from either natgeog or sciam a few years back, in the story on the evolution of feathers:

"Saying feathers evolved for flight is like saying fingers evolved to play the piano."

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