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An acquaintance in a former circle had a male->female sex change. I was only around for hir preliminary "testing of the waters" (nails, hair, etc.), but it really brought home to me how differently I respond to men and women, generally speaking.  Yes, we are all individuals (they all shouted together), and individuals'  interactions are all unique, but I think there is a certain common experience history in growing up boy or growing up girl.  Kind of like growing up straight or gay, city mouse or country mouse, and so on...

Talking about the nebulous concept of equality is an interesting excersize, I suppose, but what specific concrete pragmatic and so on examples can one point to?

Like I said, I think I'm coming from "Of course we're all equal, aren't we past that yet?", but I may be deluding myself.

eta this book: gets 5 fnkstars for balance and thoughtful discussion; contributions range from McKinnon to pornfem Lisa Palac.

Bought it, read it, lent it, lost it. :-(  From now on I'm putting RFID's in all my books.

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