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Quote (Lou FCD @ Nov. 03 2011,14:15)
If we're inviting experts, I'd recommend Elizabeth Wood (full disclosure, she's a personal friend), but I know she's currently swamped.

She's a great voice on the Sex Positive side of feminism.

(If you're not familiar with the term or its significance, Wikipedia, From Whence All Wisdom and Knowledge is Derived is as good a place to start as any. Fair warning - Feminism is quite a tangled web.)

Yes, great suggestion. To Obi-Wan you listen! :)

And I don't think anyone needs any special vocabulary other than the willingness to call a spade a spade. For example:

Feminism is not equal to Female Chauvinism.

Want to know what I am bothered by? The fact that women are outperforming men in colleges and universities (particularly in the African-American community), and the fact that, as the workplace becomes more feminized and men lose their earning power, women seem to be more frustrated with, and thus become more willing to dump, men. Where else was that happening until relatively recently? Afghanistan. Believe it or not, women were being educated in that country and running around in miniskirts, while the men eschewed education and acquired weapons - and you see what happened after the Soviets invaded.

I don't think feminism ever was popular for the girly-girl set, and yet they make the loudest noises about "oppression." Well, I cannot imagine anything more oppressive than divorce and fighting for custody, then being a single mom in this society, and being attacked by other moms about you-aren't-breastfeeding, or is-your-kid's-food-organic, to-yoga-or-not-to-yoga, etc. I worked with so many single mothers before that became more or less the norm, as it seems to be now - low-income, African-American women on their own, and they were the heirs to exhaustion. But now corporations have figured out a way to turn parental anxieties into Kindergarten Pilates Workshops! And now, young people are occupying Wall Street because everyone is flipping poor!

I now see things more in terms of social class than in terms of race or gender equality. As a first-generation college graduate, I had and have nothing in common with the white female privileged, entitled trust fund brats who made my various workplaces into backstabbing living hells.

Robin, don't worry about the vocabulary. Whatever the subject is, chances are, George Carlin also talked about it and said it more plainly! :D

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