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Quote (carlsonjok @ Nov. 03 2011,14:12)
Quote (Robin @ Nov. 03 2011,14:03)
Quote (carlsonjok @ Nov. 03 2011,13:49)
Quote (Schroedinger's Dog @ Nov. 03 2011,13:42)
Apologies if that makes me look like I think only women can be experts on Feminism, but that would at least limit the risk to attract "faux-feminists"...

No worries. We need more chickadees around here anyways.


Chickadees happen to be one of the most territorial passerine species and some of the most violent birds! Couldn't we attract some...say...turtle doves?

(/nerd off)

I thought you said you were married?

I am, but that does not prevent me from a) appreciating the loveliness of other women and b) creating a nerdy mixed-metaphor.


we IDists rule in design for the flagellum and cilium largely because they do look designed.  Bilbo

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