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Why does this subject suddenly give me a stomach-ache?

I am not convinced, as Catherine McKinnon once asserted, that there is a generic "condition of being woman" that unites all women everywhere on the planet. If someone "does not have the vocabulary," then GOOD! because it changes every decade anyway!

Remember how, in the 1990s, if a woman had a young son, he was referred to by the "sisterhood" as "The Oppressor"? How self-styled feminists ragged on each other for having male children? Nowadays, someone like me gets into a fight with Bitch, PhD. and the gaggle at Feministe because if you're a woman and you're not enthralled by children, or don't particularly like being around them (guilty, moi!;), and certainly don't think that they belong in the bar or at the X-rated film, you "are not really a feminist" and "it is just like being racist." What BS!

No feminists these days seem to recognize how corporations are using people's children to 1) teach them to pester their parents to buy crap that the kids don't need or even want, and 2) scare parents to death about exaggerated "threats."

Where is feminism today? It doesn't even exist anymore. Not as I understood it!

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