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Quote (Louis @ Nov. 03 2011,12:00)
Good oh. Whilst I'm all in favour of this, I have one problem: no resident expert. I'm certainly not one, I've read a few books and....well that's about it. We need, and I feel dirty for saying this, a social scientist of some relevant species!

I'm happy to try to blunder though any questions we all might have though.


I don't believe that discussion boards are required to have resident experts. Let me consult my friend who happens to be an expert in Internet Etiquette and Dark Places research. Nope, no such requirement according to her. She admits this is likely because everyone speaking on the internet is an expert as well as good looking...

On a serious note, I'm hoping that given the number of folks who read this site, one or two will have some value, if not expert, contributions. Here's hoping.

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