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Quote (Louis @ Nov. 03 2011,18:00)
Good oh. Whilst I'm all in favour of this, I have one problem: no resident expert. I'm certainly not one, I've read a few books and....well that's about it. We need, and I feel dirty for saying this, a social scientist of some relevant species!

I'm happy to try to blunder though any questions we all might have though.


Ok, now I suspect I'm going to get burned in some way for what I'm going to say, but:

There are no more "experts" on Feminism at Pharyngula than there are here. A bunchload of opiniated commenters at best. Just like here, go figure.

And in fact, I would posit that we have a few, if not experts, at least directly concerned persons here (Kristine, Monica, most of all Khan, who if not an academical expert, has been dealing with feminism and misogyny for a long time).

I would wager that AtBC is probably one of the best places to start this discussion/workshop. Why? Well, we've all known each others (and been friends) for years and have always been able to find compromises to our views, in the form of differing, yet not so separated opinions. We've (well mostly you guys) managed to change some people's minds, we've always shown respect where it's due, and foremost, we are not aggressive assholes (most of the time).

Now, I would suggest we invite experts on the subject to actively help this discussion stay in touch with reality. Ophelia Benson would be a good choice. She has very good expertise on feminism. What about Bluharmony? Different strokes. Abbie would be great too, and so would Rebecca Watson. Paula Kirby as well, and why not Stephanie Zvan. Apologies if that makes me look like I think only women can be experts on Feminism, but that would at least limit the risk to attract "faux-feminists"...

Short of a panel of "experts" like this one, I can only see this discussion as us regulars sharing our views on the subject (which, in the end, is not that bad either).

Can I have a last smoke before the firing squad?

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