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Quote (Learned Hand @ Dec. 28 2013,12:02)
The masters of intuitive probabilistic analysis are awfully bad at assessing actual probabilities. If the Google results don't look right, it might be the result of:

A) Faulty analytics
B) A hack
C) A shadowy cabal of secularists at Google and Microsoft working to undermine the science of design detection in order to further the demonic homosexualist communization of America

I think that C is probably not the right or most probable answer. But since the design detection process conflates "I want it to be true" with "it's obviously true, you uncivil materialist swinesucker," and that ID creationists need a martyrdom narrative to explain away their failures, they're probably predisposed to seeing conspiracies.

Could have something to do with this:

Found that with a search, but upon inspection "Viagra" and links are in every page's source code, ~6 times too.

Aren't like 1/2 of UDers self proclaimed genius-level software engineers?

ETA: In the UD thread, this has been pointed out. Also that Barry was informed months ago.

Response: KF
"FE: While that could be a factor, it does not explain how the Behe sub-site is at the top. There is likely to be an ideological factor. KF"

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