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Could this possibly be self-referential humor?

“Who de cap fit, let ‘im wear it . . . ” — a (preliminary) collection of seen-in-the-wild Darwinist fever swamp fallacies

KF wants to build a library of "fallacies" he perceives have been used against ID creationists, including:

"Darwinist trifecta red herrings trojan horse led away from the track of truth to strawman caricatures soaked in ad hominems and set alight to cloud, confuse, poison and polarise the atmosphere for discussion"


"Fallacy of the closed, hostile, question-begging, self-referentially incoherent, absurdity-clinging a priori materialist mind."

I can't parse the first one, but I think he means "the straw man fallacy." The second might mean, "the fallacy of not agreeing with me." But there's so much cruft in these sentences it's hard to tell.

This doesn't even seem like an attempt to communicate ideas.

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