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Quote (DiEb @ Dec. 16 2012,03:03)
Quote (CeilingCat @ Dec. 16 2012,05:39)
Quote (Kattarina98 @ Dec. 15 2012,10:36)
Ian Juby posting!!!111eleven!...

pimping one of his YouTube videos.

UD has definitely become the carnival of YECs.

Wow!  That loon is MADE for Uncommon Descent!  I hope he spends a lot of time there.

I wonder why Dembski washed his hands of UD.  Bet he doesn't mention it on his resume.

By the way, has anybody seen Denyse lately?  She rushed off to co-write Dembski's book and has scarcely been seen since.

Denyse can be found at

Shouldn't the book have been published quite a while ago - like Nov 2011?

Just like "Dr" Kent Hovind's doctorate, denyse's web site should be referred to as "best" schools blog.

Their list of "The 50 Top Colleges" is filled with - surprise - schools with Christian and/or right wing outlooks.  

Perhaps it is time for Hugh Jass or Mike Hunt to visit and ask her why Biola U, Liberty U and "Dr" Kents  Diploma Mill Patriot "University" didn't make her list.  And hey - what about a shout-out to SW Seminary school for IDCers?

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