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Just came from UD. nothing to post, it's too depressing over there. BA77 babbling a bunch of stuff about jesus. something about casey luskin and others having a new meeting in which they call ID science. Not a meeting, of course, to do any science, just yet another meeting to say that their pseudomathematical BS is science. They're all hat, no cattle. All press conference, no chilly neutrons.

south postpones rising for yet another year.

Tonight in seattle, 'is intelligent design science'?

Well, let's check PCID. That should show us that ID is a powerful new paradigm being used by its advocates to generate new scientific findings, as opposed to, say, being a propaganda effort to confuse the matter of creationism in education which was abandoned as soon as the legal jig was up:

Volume 4.2, November 2005

Past Issues

Volume 3.1, November 2004

Double Issue, Volumes 2.1 and 2.2
January - June 2003

Double Issue, Volumes 1.2 and 1.3
April - September 2002
Volume 1.1, January - March 2002

Last issue came out the month before Kitzmiller vs Dover.

As soon as they lost the court case about getting into public school, they abandon their 'scientific journal'.

Yeah, ID shur is science.

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