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Soapy Sam

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(Permalink) Posted: Nov. 21 2012,16:55   

reasonably civil exchanges

What, '[x] spews', 'crybaby [y]', 'moron', 'liar' etc are all 'reasonably civil'? You read these threads, sunshine?

giving the lie to their drumbeat accusations of censorship.

So the fact that Joe hasn't lately resorted to his extremest guttersnipe mode means that UD is no longer wielding the banhammer? Truly, you are a master of the non sequitur.

Edited by Soapy Sam on Nov. 21 2012,23:00

If hail is made out of ice and ice came from ice via water, then hail is made out of ice. Joe G

BTW, when you make little jabs like “I thought basic logic was one thing UDers could handle,” you come off looking especially silly when you turn out to be wrong. - Barry Arrington

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