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We've been placed ON NOTICE

NOTICE: A few corrective remarks for some hostile scrutinisers from Anti Evo etc.

I have noticed that the usual hostile scrutinisers at some objector sites are back on their Saul Alinsky, dismissive mockery and well-poisoning tactics.


I strongly suggest, too, that such need to check a good legal dictionary before presuming ignorance on the part of design thinkers, and that they need to acquaint themselves with current legal trends before spouting off their ill-informed contempt.

"A good legal dictionary" is a hyperlink. I thought it was going to be to libel. Nope. Sodomy. And um....the minimum legal trend on that almost everywhere but Uganda is that people have a fundamental right to privacy. It is even right there in your link, KF.

Comments off.

KF-get a grip. You aren't a Christian martyr. You aren't in the vanguard winning the good fight against the scary gay. You're an individual on one silly site, espousing some very provincial views, threatening Americans to give up free speech and privacy rights. No thanks.

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