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Quote (steve_h @ Nov. 15 2012,17:48)
Quote (sparc @ Nov. 15 2012,21:58)
Quote (CeilingCat @ Nov. 15 2012,06:36)
Quote (Bob O'H @ Nov. 15 2012,05:41)
† † †  
Quote (sparc @ Nov. 14 2012,23:01)
Denyse is filling spamming yet another blog: bestschoolsblog run by James Barham.

That template looks familiar. Part of me is hoping they took it without permission - we haven't had a decent Friday meltdown for a bit

I wonder if Denyse came across that web site by accident, possibly while high on warm milk and cookies, and just assumed that UD had gone back to their old format and started writing?

Nah. †I'm pretty sure that some money changed hands first.

The owner of Best Schools, James Barham, has some ties with William Dembski.

The person who registered thebestschools is one Wayne Downs. †Quite possibly related to the Wayne J Downs who has published books etc. with one William A Dembski. I suspect one of them is behind which did the "green fail" thing reported on UD, TheBestSchools, and almost nowhere else.

Yes, Barham is just the webmaster of the site. That might explain copying an old format and image instead of designing a new one. His blog is not the avowed purpose of the site, which seems to be to help nice Christian boys and girls choose a good school.

Denyse started humping Barham's leg about a year ago, linking to his articles.

Denyse's linkfarming abilities make her more successful at her chosen profession, harlotry, than most ID professionals.

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Iím not an evolutionist, Iím a change in allele frequentist! - Nakashima

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