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FCD Fédération des Entreprises du Commerce et de la Distribution (French: Federation of Enterprises of Trade and Distribution)
FCD Freedom from Chemical Dependency
FCD Fuel Cut Defender
FCD Friend of Charles Darwin
FCD Futbol Club Dallas
FCD Fleet Campaign Directive
FCD Fast Track Committee Draft
FCD Freight Customs Declaration
FCD Friend Code DataBase (gaming fansite)
FCD Functional Capabilities Document
FCD Fine Control Damper
FCD Functional Control Document
FCD Fault Consequence Digraph
FCD Failure Cause Distribution
FCD Flat Ceramic Detector
FCD Felony Conviction Data
FCD Fire Creating Device (smoker slang)
FCD Financial Crimes Database (US Postal Inspection Service)
FCD Fiber Chromatic Dispersion
FCD Foreign Carrier Detect
FCD Field Commander's Display
FCD Functional Configuration Document
FCD Formation Cooperation Developpement Solidarite Sociale (French)
FCD Foot Candle Distance
FCD Field Change Document (construction code changes documentation)
FCD full contact dance
FCD Factory Commit Date (order fulfillment metrics)
FCD Frequent Customer Discount
FCD FC Dallas (soccer)
FCD Federal Civil Defense Administration
FCD Foreign Currency Deposit
FCD Flood Control District
FCD Flood and Coastal Defence (UK)
FCD Foundation for Community Development (various locations)
FCD Free City of Danzig
FCD Foundation for Child Development
FCD Fast Casual Dining
FCD Fully Convertible Debenture
FCD Fuchs' Corneal Dystrophy
FCD Fibrocystic Disease
FCD Floating Car Data (now generally superseded by FDV)

Any version of ID consistent with all the evidence is indistinguishable from evolution.

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