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Quote (CeilingCat @ Nov. 15 2012,07:31)
The power of Absolute Morality.  I never realized how useful Absolute Morality was until I skimmed through Libby Anne (Part 2) by vjtorley.  Here's an outstanding example:              
The second thing Libby Anne needs to know about utilitarians is this: their ideology tends to make them adopt views that any sane person would deem morally monstrous. If you want to know where utilitarianism leads, take a look at ex-preacher Dan Barker, who now says (see this video) that child rape could be morally justifiable, if it were absolutely necessary in order to save humanity. The scenario Barker is considering here is one where an evil and technologically advanced alien says he’ll destroy humanity if you don’t rape a child. Because Barker is an act utilitarian, he says he would comply with the alien’s request, although to his credit, he admits that he’d hate himself for doing so. I have to say that while watching the video, I was deeply impressed with Dan Barker’s honesty and his obvious aversion to the idea of performing such a hideous deed. Nevertheless, his utilitarian moral principles are perverse if they lead him to adopt the conclusion that child rape could be moral in an extreme situation.

I guess that's where Christians have an advantage over us atheists.  Because of my fallen morality, I would've said that it was better to rape a child than kill all seven billion plus humans on earth, including the child.  

I do have one tiny caveat - I haven't looked at Barker's video, but I'm guessing that he would not have called child rape "moral", I think he would have said it was something like seven billion times less immoral than killing everybody on earth including the child.  But of course, I'm just a fallen sinner.  I'm sure that if I had absolute morality, I would have done the right thing and just told that mean ol' alien to kill everybody.  Including that un-raped child.

I must confess to one other tiny caveat:              

Now suppose instead that the evil alien says he’ll destroy humanity if a pregnant woman who wants an abortion doesn’t carry her pregnancy to term. According to Barker, the woman would be morally bound to do what the alien says. It would be her duty not to have an abortion, and it would be our duty to enforce the alien’s wishes and to physically prevent her from having an abortion, for the good of society. I can’t imagine that Libby Anne would accept that conclusion.

I haven't spoken to Libby Anne and, in fact, I have no idea who she is, but I think her whole point is that she puts human beings above fetal flesh.  If so, then I think she would carry the fetus to term in order to save seven billion plus human beings.  But of course, I'm just a fallen atheist sinner, so what do I know.  Perhaps vj could ask her before speaking for her?  Oh wait, it's too late for that.

P.S. I wonder what that "evil and technologically advanced alien" who is ready to murder everybody on earth's name is?  Could it be .... Yahwah?  Naah.  Yahwah didn't kill everybody on earth.  He saved Noah and his family.

I will be fucked by a giraffe before i go read UD to capture a whiff of that tard but I just wanted to say it looks to me like you can catch that same shitshow for free at PT on the Wall right now.

the IBORG collective (eat me Kwok) has engaged Dave Luckett on some very similar questions, and Floyd Lee can't resist breaking his vow to abstain until Xmas and is jumping in and trying to hump the legs of everyone standing in line at the urinal to take turns washing IBIGs odiferous cake down the spout.  very entertaining.  although there are no space alien bearded thunderers demanding baby rapes

You're obviously illiterate as hell. Peach, bro.-FtK

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