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Axel is fitting in nicely at UD. In a thread Cornelius Hunter has started* he laments having been in the company of, presumably, theists who accept that evolution is real:
...I once left a seminary I had been very happy in, because, on the basis of their own words, I strongly doubted if the liberal theologian ‘du jour’ and the doyen of scripture scholars were actually Christians. And for the same reason, I felt obliged to turn down an invitation to study at a Jesuit college. ...

*Corny has this to say as part of the OP...
As we have discussed before, vision is profoundly complicated and it is not clear how it could spontaneously arise as evolutionists believe it did.

...which seems to me to be something so backward that even IDiots should disagree with it. They don't , of course, but there is some suggestion in the comments that he is using irony, so, well, go figure.

UD link.

Extra: More Facebook stuff! Another UD link.

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