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Soapy Sam

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Quote (keiths @ Nov. 09 2012,02:40)
Quote (bornagain77 @ November 8, 2012, 8:10 pm)
‘You do not understand love at all.’

I beg to differ. From the tolerance, clarity, and patience, I have seen StephenB, over the last few years, exercise towards those who, IMO, unreasonably disagree with him, I would say StephenB has a far better grasp of the Christian imperative for love than most other Christians I’ve seen on the internet, especially myself!

Batshit77 must be back on the sauce.


That would be the StephenB that thinks (with GilbertD) that anti-ID commenters must be insane? Love you too, Steve!

Evolutionists trust entropy for creation of life but are like men who horse a crocodile to get across a river - niwrad.

The organism could already metabolize citrus. Joe G

If hail is made out of ice and ice came from ice via water, then hail is made out of ice. Joe G

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