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Quote (keiths @ Nov. 08 2012,20:02)
vjtorley's latest post clocks in at a record-setting 20,350 words.He's making KF look like a piker.

KF, the gauntlet has been laid down.  This must not stand.  Bydand!

I actually approve of these ultra-long posts.  My iPad 1 runs out of ram trying to load them and crashes, thus saving me from wasting my time reading them.

I propose CeilingCat's Conjecture:

"If you take all of the papers ever written, scientific or philosophical, the ones that make sense and are useful tend to be short and concise while the bloviating wastes of time all run over 10k words."

I claim the entire bodies of work of KF, Batshit and VJTorley as evidence.  Oh, and the Bible too.

Like every other academic field, philosophy of religion has its share of hacks and mediocrities.  Edward Feser

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