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(Permalink) Posted: Nov. 06 2012,17:29   

Quote (Kattarina98 @ Nov. 06 2012,21:56)
Joe <a href="" target="_blank">suspects</a> that Coppedge's alleged poor performance wrt social skills is just due to those whiny customers.
Nothing in any of that goes to his skill-set. Also without any reasoning it is all meaningless. Ya see as far as you or anyone else knows Coppedge pissed people off because he would not give them what they did not have priviliges for. I have had similar issues and when push came to shove my manager saw through the (internal) customers’ nonsense.

I bet Joe was a real charmer.

Joe, I'd like Admin privileges for this one, pretty please!

You do know how to reassign privileges on this model, don't you?

PS: Kattarina, welcome back! Where have you been hiding yourself?

Edited by Amadan on Nov. 06 2012,23:29

"People are always looking for natural selection to generate random mutations" - Densye  4-4-2011
JoeG BTW dumbass- some variations help ensure reproductive fitness so they cannot be random wrt it.

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