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Quote (sparc @ Oct. 26 2012,03:30)
From #1:  
Identify the following (give first and last name where applicable) [1 point each/10 points total]:
German who likened Christianity to smallpox.

He seemingly really really beleaves the Expelled/Hitler/evolution BS and the bearded loving old white man in the sky however, in a rather strange misogynic Mullings-esque way:  
Someone comes to you explaining that her father abused her growing up and thus she has a hard time
conceiving of God as a loving father. Instead, she tells you that she much prefers mother imagery for God. In part, she justifies this by claiming that all our language of God is metaphorical and that father imagery for God is simply a hold-over from a patriarchal age. Defend the fatherhood of God against this line of attack.

If Dembski were interested in advancing apologetics, he would post the answers he gets from this exam on a site that allows open comments.  The next class has to take those comments into account in their answers.

Eventually he'll have either perfect apologetics or no one passing his class.

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