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Quote (Soapy Sam @ Oct. 25 2012,15:25)
Quote (keiths @ Oct. 25 2012,07:55)
KF to gpuccio:
GP: Sometimes it amazes me that you are writing in a second language and many of the objectors are writing in their first. KF

Really? I suspected as much- well most likely I knew it and just forgot. Amazing indeed. But that does explain some things like the choice of wording.

Joe truly is the stupidest person on the Internet.

It amazes me that KF is writing in his first language.

It is a curiously Anglophone trait to be gobsmacked at the facility a foreigner may have in English - typically, English-speakers are particularly shit at foreign languages, and assume everyone else must be too. I experience that surprise myself, when an endless supply of accented pundits pop up on the radio with perfect, idiomatic and technical English, or when travelling and finding that the entire populace appears to be much better at my language than I am at theirs.

Nonetheless, GP's argument is not very coherent, however English his excellent.

Indeed *cough* when I was in the very remote areas of Papua New Guinea and in the even more remote Bakasi Peninsular West Africa (or maybe not, depending on Joe's opinion ....doesn't Joe think his half assed pissant thought bubbles are ....erm IMPORTANT?) the older locals who (incidentally) had been educated under colonial rule could quote Shakespeare lough, stocks and Othello with wonderfully cheeky context. For them English was maybe their third or forth language. While their children were fluent without old English pre colonial politico cultural context their lingual ability was astonishing. The post colonial children lacking the recieved rigour of the expatriot pedant had the most wonderful lingual plasticity. The funniest jokes to them were plays on words that mixed false friends with the image of a khaki clad Mr. Bean complete with pith hat and sidearm stumbling across the river or through Chinua Achebe's evil forrest into a village reminiscent of Gabriel García Márquez' A Hundred Years of Solitude. Their mothers and fathers each spoke a different dialect along with others that resided in uncles and aunts so their lingual abilitys were almost atheletic.

However at UD there is no multilingual Elysian plutocracy just a wasteland of monodeist mental junkyards and certainly no Noble prize winning authors.

Or for that matter ...readers.

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