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News is impressed with a new documentary on animal intelligence.  There are a few problems even in the trailer:

1: The first talking head is Michael Cremo, author of "Forbidden Archeology".  I've read this book and it's pure crank.  Basically, if you carve some weird characters into a rock and rub dirt on it, Cremo will proclaim it genuine and build a story on how ancient civilizations visiting America before Columbus left it there.  Even if you're in Kansas.

2: The second talking head is Stanley Salthe, PhD, Zoologist, Brooklyn College, New York.  "I think another reason this idea that there can be selection for this and for this and for this (points to hand, nose and ear) separately - it doesn't seem very plausible when you're talking about the complexity of the way of life of an organism.  This idea of adding piece by piece is in some sense logical but in another sense it just doesn't feel right."

Well, jeeze, there it is:  It just doesn't feel right.  Yet the Evilutionists still won't admit that Darwinism has met its Waterloo.

P.S. It doesn't help that Professor Salthe looks like the late JAD on a bad day.  Bydand!

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