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"Alan" on the Determinism thread, #47    
Q. If I do not have freewill choices to make, having received such a commandment, then what is it that I do have? –
A. You have the Truth – the Gospel – the Law of God telling you to obey it while revealing that you can’t, thus the judgment to the Lake of Fire = Eternal complete destruction – elimination = the wages of the natural man – OR

#2. “First the will knows and aligns itself with God’s will.” FIRST God Elects by giving that Chosen one His Will. NONE will choose to align from mere calling by the Word. Wheat and Tares – looking like Christ etc.

#3. WOW – “The wages of sin is death” is a metaphor? and ” when Paul tell the Ephesians” – was that ALL the Ephesians? The second death has to do with those not receiving by HIS total Grace (not earned by some free will choice of those smart enough or “good” enough to see the light) Eternal Life – a NEW Soul – “The soul that sins shall die.” Maybe you just like (for some dark sinful fallen nature reason) to insist or want there to be ETERNAL TORMENT (actually sorrow) AND SUFFERING! Just saying be very careful with parables or one or two verse conclusions.
Anyway – we are souls (temporary or Chosen to be new and Eternal) so, while here on Earth we do have free will to put whatever we want for whatever “reason” on our Pizza. The “Soul” is the component that solves the materialistic
conundrum of determinism and it is HIS Choosing that solves the problem of “free will” as related to Salvation.
p.s. The universe has apparent age and a limited time to exist.

All science so far.

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