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Quote (Trubble @ Oct. 12 2012,18:33)
Quote (Richardthughes @ Oct. 11 2012,14:15)
I think he's in fact referring to this:

From that wiki link:

"Notable examples of cargo cult activity include the...attempted construction of Western goods, such as radios made of coconuts and straw."

GILLIGAN!!! :angry:

In Rich's link I noticed the reference to Sokal and his bÍte noire, the pseud's pseud Jacques Lacan who makes Dembski look like Milquetoast.

Consider the obviousness of this GEM.

Richard Dawkins, in a review of Fashionable Nonsense, said regarding Lacan: "We do not need the mathematical expertise of Sokal and Bricmont to assure us that the author of this stuff is a fake. Perhaps he is genuine when he speaks of non-scientific subjects? But a philosopher who is caught equating the erectile organ to the square root of minus one has, for my money, blown his credentials when it comes to things that I don't know anything about."

Dembski mentally can't get it up, and uselessly just flops around in search of a nonexistent hard bit of 'information'.

His followers pay their money he creams the profits and they go away satisfied.

What a sweet deal, they're too much in awe of his crack.

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