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Mullings just can't help inserting his obsessions into everything

On his blog ( he takes it on himself to repeat news-as-it-happens about a tragic plane crash on Antigua.
No harm in that, even though one can't help but feel he's more interested in being self-important than in doing a service to anyone.

And even though I have no doubt that local news channels did a better job of reportage, and are seen by rather more people than would be prepared to suffer Mullings' insufferably patronising style for more than 10 seconds.

But  he just can't help inserting this gem:

PS: I have deliberately built this report around an initial item and updates as they flowed in, so that the reader can see how news develops, how multiple sources come in with diverse, divergent details, and how core facts can be true even as details diverge then converge. Notice in particular how the time of the crash clusters around two points in time, and in the end reverts to the 4 pm number of the second report based on convergence of multiple sources. This pattern of breaking news and reports with a convergent core and circumstantial secondary details that are diverse and perhaps partly conflicting or at least hard to reconcile is a well known pattern of truthful and independent, witness-based reports on events. The pattern is instantly familiar to anyone who has studied the breaking news aspect of the resurrection narratives in the NT across that first Easter, and it is also a feature of the tests for verisimilitude of testimony highlighted by Simon Greenleaf in his The Testimony of the Evangelists.  We should make use of this pattern as a part of our ability to assess credible, well warranted truth and differentiate it from spin-based manipulated fiction.

Even tragedy is a vehicle for Mullings to be a prick

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