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Quote (Erasmus @ FCD,Oct. 08 2012,16:13)
Quote (keiths @ Oct. 08 2012,17:00)
Yet another hysterical rant from KF. You can tell that he desperately wants to ban me or demand an apology.

I half expect him to unban me just so he can have the satisfaction of rebanning me or censoring my comments.

post it so i don't have to go there to read it!

The design inference is very simple, based on the premise that empirical, inductive explanations of the deep unobserved past or the like, are based on traces we observe and known empirically reliable causes that give rise to the same type of result. So, for instance we know on billions of cases that FSCO/I is a reliable sign of design as key cause. Indeed, the only observed cause, never mind ever so many dubious attempts to cloud the issue. genetic algorithms, from the very statement of a fitness function that points uphill start in a target zone and are chock full of the information built into such. The challenge is to get to such an island of function in a vast sea of configs that quickly exhaust cosmos scale resources without hardly sampling the space of possibilities.

That's the only bit you need to read.

I'm still not sure whether he's thoroughly dishonest or stupidly uncomprehending, or both.

Ineducable, certainly

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