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Quote (CeilingCat @ Oct. 08 2012,06:16)
I missed this breakthrough:      
And that is why Lizzie fails to produce CSI- she smuggles in specified complexity by just granting reproduction with variation.

Hey, that CSI is simpler than I thought!  I thought it took reproduction with variation that was compared against the environment to see how well the organism containing it reproduces with culling of the new sequence if it doesn't measure up.  Now I'm enlightened.  Just having reproduction with variation will generate it.

Boy, that Lizzie is dumb!  Too bad she doesn't listen to certified geniuses like Joe and Mung.  I guess KF and BA77 are probably just completely over her head.

Of course, if CSI is that easy to generate, then Dr.Dr. Dembski is pretty dumb.  He thinks it takes an intelligent designer to generate CSI.  He should spend more time listening to Joe and Mung and other people who are smarter than he is.

Meaning Joe, Mung and the Dr. Dr. are specimens reproduced without variation?

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